Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonus! Oh! Bonus!

Cuepacs Sarawak is optimistic that Malaysia government would be kind enough to pay government servant their annual bonus prior to the Hari Raya.

“We are hoping for one month bonus, it would be great if they can pay half before Raya and the remainder before Christmas,” said Cuepacs Sarawak chairman, William Ghani Bina.
Ghani said they are not writing any official demand to the government as they are confident that the country leadership is committed to priorities the Rakyat in decision-making.
Since the Hari Raya celebration and budget would be co-incide before the end of the month, Ghani is hoping the government would be able to make earlier announcement on the bonus.
This, he added, would relief some burden from lower income group and make the celebration much more meaningful, especially among the young ones who definitely have been dreaming of new clothing and great festivities.
Meanwhile, when asked to comment on the introduction of new fuel fondly known as RON 95, Ghani said Rakyat must trust the government.
“We can believe and hope it is good. It is our government decision. I am sure our government is correct,” he stressed.
Ghani, however have reservation when asked to comment on the effectiveness of bringing in corporate leader into public administration citing technicalities.
“Datuk Seri Idris Jala used to be in SHELL and MAS where he can decide and get the things done. In public sector we have political sentiment. To produce result, he must be allowed to perform without political barrier,” he told Sarawak Update.

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